Emmanuel Villaume, music director and chief conductor

S4 Music and Poetry – Václav Kopta

The Beauty of Today (S)

Programme: music and poetry


Václav Kopta is an actor and son of the foremost Czech lyricist, translator and theatre scriptwriter Pavel Kopta, author of many of Hana Hegerová’s song texts; his grandfather was the poet and translator Josef Kopta and this evening Václav will talk about the relationship between music and poetry and about his famous family, whose domain was and is the spoken and written word.

Václav Kopta: songs (selection)
Miloš Orson Štědroň: Mystery of Symmetry
Petr Wajsar: Cuckoo Clock
Luciano Berio: Duetti per due violini

Václav Kopta, voice & piano
Jan Dobiáš, piano
David Danel & Jan Adam, violin
Martin Stupka & Ilia Chernoklinov, viola
Balázs Adorján, violoncello

Donor’s ticket in support of PKF: CZK 1500
Full price CZK 300 / Senior price CZK 200 / Students and Children under the age of 15 CZK 100

From: 7.30 pm
Tuesday 06 March 2018
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