Emmanuel Villaume, music director and chief conductor

The Beauty of Today

The Beauty of Today





Dualism in 21st-Century Czech Music  

‘Two generations, six concerts, six couples, twelve individuals, twelve worlds and infinite horizons.’

A concert series of contemporary music THE BEAUTY OF TODAY, an established and at the same time exceptional PKF – Prague Philharmonia project, will in the 2016–2017 season take up where the previous season ended. In the last season you were introduced, step by step, to music by six significant figures of Czech 20th-century music. In this season, in each concert, we shall meet a couple, linked by friendship, a teacher/pupil relationship or maybe a professional partnership. The focus of each evening will remain the same: music, performed by leading chamber soloists of PKF – Prague Philharmonia and their guests, will constitute the core of each programme.What will be unique is the presence of the composers, who will guide you through their music during the concerts. Again, you can expect beautiful music, interesting talks, film projections and a bit more… I believe that in this season you will find THE BEAUTY OF TODAY really beautiful in its established form; fresh, spontaneous, enriching, full of music and important guests as you have become used to, and at the same time always extraordinary.

Hana Dohnálková, musicologist and programmer of The Beauty of Today series