Emmanuel Villaume, music director and chief conductor


Stories from the Arts I

Stories from the Arts II

The Second Season of the PKF – LOBKOWICZ Donor Series in Close Cooperation with the Lobkowicz Family Is About to Begin

PKF – LOBKOWICZ Series 2017

The Final Fanfare
Mon 20 November 2017, 7 pm
Lobkowicz Palace – Prague Castle / PKF – Lobkowicz Series 2017

Presentation of the new CD "Bohemian Rhapsody"
with Vica Kerekes as a Patron!

Johann Baptist Georg Neruda (1707 – 1780): Concerto for trumpet, strings and B.c. in E flat major
František Benda (1709 – 1786): Symphony No. 2 in G major
Johann Nepomuk Hummel (1778 - 1837): Introduction, Theme and Variations for Flugelhorn and Orchestra in F minor Op. 102 
Johann Baptist Vaňhal (1739 – 1813): Symphony in G minor Op. 17/2
Johann Baptist Vaňhal: Concerto for Flugelhorn and Orchestra in F major
Gábor Boldoczki, trumpet
Jan Fišer, violin, artistic leader

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PKF – Lobkowicz Series 2018

Mon 5 March 2018
The Paganini of the Trumpet Sergei Nakariakov

Mon 9 April 2018
Kristóf Baráti with his "Lady Harmsworth"

Wed 12 September 2018
Conductor's Solo: Emmanuel Villaume

Tue 30 October 2018
The Oboe d'Amour of Jean-Louis Capezzali


6.00 pm      Welcome drink and tour of the exhibition
6.45 pm      Introduction to the themes of the evening
7.00 pm      Concert by the PKF – Prague Philharmonia and soloists in the Imperial Hall
8.45 pm      Meeting the artists over a glass of wine, with refreshments provided by the head chef of the Lobkowicz Palace
9.30 pm      Stories from the Arts: The curators of the Lobkowicz music collection reveal its treasures through enthralling story-telling

Remarkable evenings in the magical Lobkowicz Palace attract guests to special gatherings with the curators of the Lobkowicz Collections and to fascinating discussion about subjects connecting both history and the present. The guests have a unique opportunity to meet the PKF – Prague Philharmonia’s artists and management. Refreshments provided by the head chef of the Lobkowicz Palace and a glass of wine make a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that pervades the whole evening.

A Journey into History: A Window to the Future

The Lobkowicz family has been documenting important aspects of social, cultural, political and economic life in Central Europe for more than seven hundred years. Their collections contain more than 1,500 paintings, a unique Delphic set which is the largest in the world, and one of the oldest prints of a 48-line Bible from 1462. Alongside historical musical instruments and hundreds of manuscripts including Beethoven's famous "Eroica", "Fate" and "Pastoral" symphonies, the music collection also features six intricately decorated trumpets produced in 1716 by the Viennese master Leichamschneider. The Lobkowicz family are well-known patrons of the arts who have greatly influenced Europe's musical history.

     "The PKF – LOBKOWICZ Series gives you the unique opportunity to stand by their side, look back at history together, and open up opportunities for artistic plans of the future."

Special Experiences from Supporting the Best in the Arts

The PKF – Prague Philharmonia was established in 1994 through the initiative of the conductor Jiří Bělohlávek. It is a paradox of fate that this great artist, the founder and lifelong supporter of the PKF, should have played his final concert with them on 7 May 2017 in Polička. There thus came to a close a 23-year-old story which meant more than just artistic prestige for both parties.

Today the PKF – Prague Philharmonia is one of the most highly respected chamber orchestras in the world. It plays 100 concerts a year, of which on average 35-40 are abroad. It contributes some 50 concerts a year to Prague cultural life. It has worked with prestigious record companies such as Deutsche Grammophon and Warner Classics. The PKF were the first in the Czech Republic to perform educational concert programmes for children of pre-school and school age, and the first to open the Orchestral Academy for talented young musicians. As a charitable trust, 60% of its income comes from its own activities and donations from corporations and individuals.

     "By purchasing a PKF – LOBKOWICZ 2018 Series you are supporting an outstanding, progressive artistic body and you are helping it to further fulfil its role. Thank you."

Subscribe to the PKF – LOBKOWICZ 2018 Series


The subscription for 1 person costs 16,000 CZK including VAT.

The subscription covers all four concerts, a reserved seat in the hall and entry to all parts of the evening.
The subscription is transferable.
When purchasing the subscription you automatically become a member of the PKF – Philharmonia Club.

For reservations and further information contact:

Dana Syrová
director of the Lobkowicz subscription project
Phone +420 724 245 372
E-mail: syrova@pkf.cz

See photos of the Lobkowicz Palace here.

The PKF – Prague Philharmonia is very grateful to the organizations and individuals for their kind support by purchasing the PKF – LOBKOWICZ 2017 Series 



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