Emmanuel Villaume, music director and chief conductor

Notička Children's Club


Notička is the oldest children’s music club in Prague. It was founded as a project of the PKF – Prague Philharmonia in 2007. It organizes 5-6 weekend gatherings in a year for children aged 4 to 14. Since 2012 there has been established a Notička prep school for children aged 3-4 which parents can get involved in. Classes are held in Czech.

What makes Notička unique?

Notička significantly differs from any other children's activities organized in Prague as it puts emphasis not only on classical music but also on its connection with other exciting fields of art. Its motto is to surprise and introduce a new and so far unknown world to your children. Meetings are interactive and the main goal is to encourage children's creativity and natural interest in classical music and other artistic movements. We cooperate with highly trained and experienced staff who often become valuable friends forever.

Everyone can join Notička

No matter whether your child plays football or chess, dance or swim, Notička represents a perfect addition to all hobbies. Inspiring and evoking creative ideas in children's mind are not only helpful but healthy as well. Step by step children learn to love music and art as natural part of their life. Everyone can join Notička!

How it works?

Membership is valid for one year and it costs 2500 CZK. The price includes at least five meetings in a year. We also offer discount for siblings. One meeting takes 3-5 hours according to children's age or temperament. We often change activities and provide children with a small snack. As mentioned earlier experienced staff look after your children.

How to get registered?

Just submit an application form. Please keep in your mind that this is a firm registration. By submitting the application form you automatically agree on the Notička´s membership including payment of the membership fee. Number of members is limited. Last 30 memberships available for 2018!

For more information please contact the Notička Children's Club Coordinator, Ms Hana Zaalová (+420 732 712 750, email: zaalova@pkf.cz).

Kids learn how to create their very own animation! Opus 1

Kids learn how to create their very own animation! Opus 2

Do you want to take a trial meeting?

Come and join us in the autumn. Only 30 vacancies available!

Sun 24 September and Sun 8 October
Hudba ve filmu aneb jak vzniká film
Vyzkoušíme si, jaké to je být režisérem, hercem nebo kameramanem, práci s kamerou, animaci, navštívíme muzeum Karla Zemana a mnoho dalšího 

Sun 5 November
Hudba v léčitelství aneb hudba v mysli léčí smysly
Didgeridoo a gongy, bubenický a taneční workshop, léčba hlasem a dechem, improvizace pohybem, hra na etno nástroje, intuitivní kresba, enkaustické malování, psychosomatika pro děti, hudba jako relaxace  

Admission free for Notička members
Entrance fee 500 CZK

Reservation: Hana Zaalová 
Phone +420 732 712 750
E-mail: zaalova@pkf.cz