Philharmonia Club

Why the Philharmonia Club?

The Philharmonia Club is an association of friends and supporters of the PKF – Prague Philharmonia,
who help the orchestra to fulfil its aim – to study and interpret works of music at the highest possible level. This significant support enables the orchestra to invite exceptional soloists and conductors from all around the world, to perform challenging symphonic works or unconventional fusions and to complete the inventory with quality musical instruments. Finally, members of the Club help the orchestra to keep its unmistakable and highly professional sound.

How to make a donation?

  • In cash at the PKF - Prague Philharmonia office
  • Through bank transfer or deposit to Account No. 810614004/2700

More details about the benefits programme will be provided to you upon request by

Dita Hradecká
development director
tel. 733 128 383

How to become a member?

You too can become a member of the Philharmonia Club if you give a donation of any amount exceeding CZK 2,000. The actual amount determines the category of your membership and the associated benefits. You can reduce your tax base by writing off the donated sum.


Where does the money go?

Your financial gifts are used directly for specific purposes – e.g. purchase of strings, reeds, ligatures and other accessories for string and wind instruments. To cover these expenses, we must spend approximately CZK 300,000 from our budget every year.


PKF - Prague Philharmonia
Husova 7
110 00 Praha 1

tel.: +420 224 232 488