Emmanuel Villaume, music director and chief conductor

Concerts for Children

Topic of the 2017/2018 season: Music in and around us

The elves ŠÍMA and LUPI celebrate in the 2017–2018 season their fifth Birthday! Come and celebrate with us and taste some of the musical treats. The elves will introduce to their young fans in an entertaining, inter-active way – to engage even the fidgets – new themes from the world of music. Children will learn how music influences moods, and how it gets inspired by nature, home and foreign countries.

In the four-part series of concerts a varied selection of musical pieces, or their extracts, by various composers, will be heard in exciting contexts and accompanied by jolly narrations provided by the elves and conductors. Letos se za dirigentským pultem mohou děti rozhodně těšit na mladé a zábavné kamarády! Třeba na Jiřího Rožně nebo venezuelského dirigenta Ilyiche Rivase.

Concerts aimed at children between 4 and 7 years old. Děti nemusí mít žádnou předchozí hudební průpravu.

D – 4 matinee begin at 10.00
E – 4 lunchtime concerts begin at 12.00
Length if the concert is 45 minut without interval
In Czech language

Script and direction: Vladimír Jopek
Acting, singing, dancing: Filip Sychra and Stela Chmelová
Costumes and setting: Kateřina Kroupová

Zde si můžete poslechnout písničkovou znělku a tady k ní najdete noty.

Matinee concerts (begin at 10.00) – Dates / Tickets on-line

Lunchtime concerts (begin at 12.00) – Dates / Tickets on-line