30th concert season

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The season caters for classical, romantic, 20th century modern and contemporary music lovers.

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Orchestral Cycle A

The current season is exceptional for the PKF — Prague Philharmonia as it marks our 30th jubilee. To celebrate this milestone, we've curated an extraordinary program: festive, representative, and replete with compositions that highlight the PKF's brilliance while carrying a deeper significance. The PKF — Prague Philharmonia presents a line-up that is perhaps even more personal than in previous years, offering our subscribers the chance to become better acquainted with their orchestra. Concurrently, our concept reflects the year of Czech music, paying homage not only to the renowned giants but also to the unjustly overlooked masters. We'll feature works by Dvořák, Suk, and Smetana, as well as Kaprálová, Pichl, and Veit.

The season's exclusivity is further evidenced by the roster of artists with whom we'll collaborate during the concerts. We'll welcome pianist George Li, violinist Midori, and the outstanding trumpeter Lucienne Renaudin Vary. Players from the orchestra's wind section will also make appearances as soloists during the second concert. Chief conductor Emmanuel Villaume will take the baton for five concerts, while other performances will be led by conductors like Oscar Jockel and Christoph-Mathias Mueller.


Chamber Cycle K

The 30th jubilee season of the PKF — Prague Philharmonia is imbued with the spirit of celebrating this prestigious Czech orchestra. The theme of the chamber cycle revolves around Czech music and the anniversaries of eminent Czech composers such as Bedřich Smetana, Leoš Janáček, Josef Suk, Antonín Dvořák, Pavel Haas, Rafael Kubelík, Václav Jindřich Veit, Pavel Josef Vejvanovský, and Lukáš Matoušek. The February concert is dedicated to Czech composer Jan Novák and will feature the participation of his descendants, Dora and Clara Nováková. The chamber cycle will also include works by contemporary Czech composers, composed specifically for individual chamber ensembles.

The season opens on September 25 with the Belfiato Quintet, joined by esteemed guest, tenor Petr Nekoranec. The cycle concludes on June 10 with the Smetana Trio and clarinetist Jan Brabec. Throughout the jubilee season, we will welcome, among others, the Bennewitz Quartet with cellist Lukáš Pospíšil and violist Karel Untermüller, Trio Incendio with violist Stanislav Svoboda, Czech Brass, Sedláček Quartet, and many more. Relish the unforgettable concert atmosphere and the masterful performances of our musicians up close.


PKF — Lobkowicz Subscription L

The seventh edition of the PKF — LOBKOWICZ subscription series once again showcases the brightest talents from the contemporary global music scene. We cordially invite you to a venue which provides the orchestra of the PKF — Prague Philharmonia with the opportunity to share its characteristic virtuosity and artistic enthusiasm with those who are fascinated by timeless stories of art, all within an intimate and distinguished setting. Surrounded by the unique collections of the Lobkowicz Palace at Prague Castle, we offer four evenings in 2023, each with an unparalleled atmosphere, when we will once again be offering captivating stories about the search for beauty and harmony in art, leading you straight to the heart of the PKF orchestra.

The series is conceived as a donor-based initiative. By purchasing it, you directly support the artistic activities of the PKF — Prague Philharmonia. Thank you.

The subscription sales for the 2024 season will commence on November 1, 2023. The PKF — Lobkowicz subscription is sold on a calendar-year basis.

Contemporary Music Cycle S

In the milestone 30th concert season of the PKF — Prague Philharmonia, the contemporary music series boasts six concerts with exceptional programming. As part of the anniversary celebrations, starting in September 2023, the series relocates to a new venue, returning to where it first began in the 2004/2005 season — Švandovo Theatre in Smíchov. Specifically, the series will be held in the newly renovated Studio of Švandovo Theatre, a space perfectly suited for the contemporary music series S.

This season's series of six concerts is dedicated to the current Czechoslovak generation, contemporary art, and cross-genre connections. Each concert is designed as a portrait of contemporary composers, who will be present as guests during the performances, engaging in discussions throughout and potentially showcasing their talents as interpreters. These renowned composers have been active and creative both in the Czech Republic and abroad, with their work interconnected with other genres such as film, architecture, or opera. As is customary, the performers of these musical pieces will be members of the PKF — Prague Philharmonia and their esteemed guests.


Children's Concerts at Rudolfinum D/E

Within this series, we have prepared a delightful quartet of concerts for children and the entire family for this season. Through the power of music and our boundless imagination, we will embark on a journey with closed eyes, exploring the remote corners of the world and the kaleidoscope of colorful distances in the universe. If we listen attentively, the luminous path of music will guide us to the very heart of happiness. In the first concert, we will hear compositions evoking natural phenomena, while the second concert will transport us to the lands of Europe and America. Then, on the wings of imagination, we will venture into otherworldly realms, and finally, we will discover how music, in its unmistakable way, leads to joy and a sense of life's reconciliation.

Concerts in the D series begin at 10:00 AM, while concerts in the E series start at 12:00 PM, with both series offering the same program.


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