25th anniversary season
orchestral series A

Mozart. Schubert. Berio

Mozart. Schubert. Berio

Nostalgia for Mozart
Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor K 466
Suite No. 4 in G major Op. 61 ‘Mozartiana’

Marián Lapšanský piano  Jan Součekoboe
Emmanuel Villaumedirigent

Patron of the concert: Ivan Hoznedr — percussion

Partner of the concert is Czech TV

CZK 900 | 760 | 580 | 390 (SL/E) | 150 (ST) | donor's ticket 3 000 CZK | This concert is available in KOMBI subscription

the concert will finish at 10 pm


Mozart. Schubert. Berio: Enchanted by Mozart

“We cannot despair about mankind knowing that Mozart was a man”. This quote by Albert Einstein proves how important a role the genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart plays not only in the history of music, but in history in general. To this composer, and to other artists inspired by him, is dedicated the programme of the fifth concert in the series. The legendary pianist from Slovakia, Marián Lapšanský will be the interpreter of Mozart’s Concerto for Piano in D minor, one of the most important pieces (and one of the few in a minor key), that the composer wrote for his main instrument. The Suite No. 4 Mozartiana by Pyotr Iliych Tchaikovsky is in some parts a direct orchestration of Mozart’s piano pieces. The Suite was composed on the one hundredth anniversary of the premiere of Don Giovanni as Tchaikovsky’s tribute to a composer who had been his life-long model, despite the fact that, in general, the 19th century paid much more attention to Beethoven than to Mozart. The imaginary circle of reminiscences on the perfection of Mozart’s music will close in a composition Nostalgia for Mozart by the outstanding figure of the Prague avant-garde Jan Klusák.  The piece Rendering by Luciano Berio will provide contrast within the Mozart inspired concert; Berio either directly quotes, re-works or is loosely inspired by the sketches for Schubert’s unfinished 10th Symphony to create an authentic original piece.

Marián Lapšanský plays Mozart

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