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Laskowski. Mirvis. Bolcsó

Laskowski. Mirvis. Bolcsó

Silent Afterparty

Duševní vlastnictví — audio-video portraits of three evangelical churches from the landscape between the Slovak Paradise and Slovak Carst, suppoted by a video capturing their atmosphere, taken on an old black-and-white silicon camera (video & live electronics)
Reality Check (video piece with a fixed soundtrack)
Deep Relaxation vol. 5: It’s Your Body (live electronics, earplugs and sound objects)

Ladislav Mirvis Mirvald — live sound and video instalations
Matěj Sýkora, Pavel Dytrt & Zdeněk Tomášek

Patron of the concert: Alena Miřácká — violin

14. January 2020, 7.30 pm
CZK 400 | 300 (seniors 65+) | CZK 100 (students and children under 15) | Donor’s ticket: CZK 2 000


Without limits anyTIME • Afterparty

These days, a reception or party routinely accompany concerts. They are usually held late into the night, easily even after closing hours. Many a time, music is just a decoration.  However, it could be different. What if it was done in another way? How about having an after-party prepared as a proper performance? And, as we can do it anyTIME, why not during a classical music concert?  

LADISLAV MIRVIS MIRVALDI Štítnik, Dobšiná and Brdárka – world premiere in the NoD on 14 January

MIKOŁAJ LASKOWSKI Deep Relaxation vol. 4: Self-Care

Ladislav „Mirvis“ Mirvald

is a versatile master of unconventional sound and video solutions, a designer and creator of special recording technologies. He is an consultant for Department of Musicology, Faculty of arts of Masaryk University, Brno Filharmonic and Moravian Science Centre Brno where he deals with the acoustics of spaces, the topic he also looks into on a practical level – in making devices recording the sound of constructions and materials. As a sound master he participated in a number of music, film and theatre projects and events. He has collaborated with ENH festival, theatres such as Skrat, HaDivadlo and D‘epog. He more or less regularly revives his music projects that are at the intersection of a gallery installation, noise no-input aesthetics group Jack-Jack and free improv philosophy of the S.M.R.K formation.


is a collective of actors with an interest in the phenomena of our culture that are perceptible and expressible through sound. The phenomena present in the sonic dimension or transferrable to such a dimension are approached as objects, through listening, sound creation, sociological imagination, recording, re-interpretation, intervention, oral and aural history and acoustic ecology. Through the process of materialization and dematerialization of original meanings, Skupina try to seek and deconstruct the boundaries of possible metamorphoses of the examined phenomena in the reality experienced by us.

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