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Laskowski. Skupina. Mirvis. Bolcsó

Laskowski. Skupina. Mirvis.  Bolcsó

Silent Afterparty

SKUPINA · MIRVIS (Ján Solčáni & Ladislav „Mirvis“ Mirvald)
Štítnik, Dobšiná and Brdárka — sound portraits of three evangelical churches from the landscape between the Slovak Paradise and Slovak Carst, suppoted by a video  capturing their atmosphere, taken on an old black-and-white silicon camera (video & live electronics)
Reality check (video piece with a fixed soundtrack)
Deep Relaxation vol. 5: It’s Your Body (live electronics, earplugs and sound objects)

Performers: Mikołaj Laskowski & Viktor Pantůček live electronics
Ladislav Mirvis Mirvald — sound instalations

Patron of the concert: Alena Miřácká — violin

CZK 400 | 300 (seniors 65+) | CZK 100 (students and children under 15) | Donor’s ticket: CZK 2 000


Without limits anyTIME • Afterparty

These days, a reception or party routinely accompany concerts. They are usually held late into the night, easily even after closing hours. Many a time, music is just a decoration.  However, it could be different. What if it was done in another way? How about having an after-party prepared as a proper performance? And, as we can do it anyTIME, why not during a classical music concert?  

MIKOŁAJ LASKOWSKI Deep Relaxation vol. 4: Self-Care

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