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Petr Kotík. Rudolf Komorous: A Missed Opportunity

Petr Kotík. Rudolf Komorous: A Missed Opportunity

We are sorry, but due to government restrictions valid from October 12th until October 26th, this concert is unfortunately canceled. We will keep you updated on the new date.


Spontano for Solo Piano and Ten Instruments (1964)
Mignon for Four String Instruments (1965)
Tuba Mirum for Solo Tuba and Percussion (2019)
Wu for Solo Piano (2007)

Ivo Kahánekpiano
PKF — Prague Philharmonia chamber soloists

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23. October 2020, 7.30 pm
CZK 400 | 300 (seniors 65+) | CZK 100 (students and children under 15) | family ticket: CZK 100 per person | donor’s ticket: CZK 2000


Noted composers whose music cannot be pigeonholed. Representatives of an important cultural-musical trend called the ‘Prague Group of New Music - Musica viva Pragensis’, which had its centre in Prague in the 1960s.  Petr Kotík lives and works in New York, and Rudolf Komorous has lived in Canada since 1969. They are friends, who have musically a lot in common yet are in principle different. At the beginning they were creating music that could not be pigeonholed; is this still the case? We shall talk to Peter Kotík about the musical scene in Prague in the 1960s, about creations that were met with astonishment and stirred things up and caused dismay; about the developments that followed. Did they miss their opportunity? The evening’s special guest is Ivo Kahánek, a world-class pianist, who enthusiastically accepted our invitation to participate in this evening’s programme, which includes music he, as an interpreter, has never tried to play before!

Petr Kotík

A remarkable personality in the world of contemporary music, Czech composer, conductor, flutist. He lives in New York and has been since 2001 the Artistic Director of Ostrava Days New Music Festival.

Ivo Kahánek — piano

Czech pianist, an exceptional figure on the contemporary music scene, an absolute winner of the International Prague Spring 2004 competition, a receiver of numerous prestigious awards around the world and, one of the most impressive musicians of the present generation on an international level.


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