25th anniversary season

Remembering Jiří Bělohlávek

Emmanuel Villaume: „Much has happened since I was approached by Maestro Jiří Bělohlávek asking me if I would mind if Ravel’s Mother Goose was part of his concert programme for the 2017—2018 season. He knew how much this composition meant to me. At the time I said it would be an honour, without for a moment thinking that we would never hear his interpretation of this beautiful work. It was with this memory that I humbly included it in the programme for the first concert of the new season. It is a composition which touches each human soul, it is full of innocence, tenderness, portraying the fairy-tale world of childhood as well as the suffering of adolescence and the inevitability of putting away childish things. At the end of this work I always have the feeling that I have been embraced by all of the beauty and vastness of the universe.“ 

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