25th anniversary season

PKF—Prague Philharmonia Wind Quintet

The PKF — Prague Philharmonia Wind Quintet was formed in 2007 by soloists of the woodwind section of the PKF — Prague Philharmonia. Its members are the recipients of national and international awards and are leading players in several other chamber and symphonic ensembles (the Czech Philharmonic, the Prague Symphony Orchestra, the National Theatre in Prague, the Baborak Ensemble, etc.). The ensemble has appeared at international festivals including Prague Spring 2017 and the Festival dell Arte in Wojanow in Poland. It has toured Spain and made recordings for Czech Radio and Czech Television. Since it was formed it has worked closely with the outstanding Czech pianist Ivan Klánský. The repertoire of the PKF — Prague Philharmonia Wind Quintet not only focuses on the most famous compositions written for this ensemble by composers such as W. A. Mozart, Antonín Rejcha, Darius Milhaud and Paul Hindemith, but also on work by contemporary composers.

Jiří Ševčík flute *
Vladislav Borovkaoboe
Jan Brabec – clarinet *
Václav Fürbach – bassoon *
Jan Musil – horn *

* member of PKF – Prague Philharmonia


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