27th season

For me music is life. I have been growing up with music, I cook, practice sport, rest, smile and cry with music.

Alena Miřácká — violin · PATRON OF THE CONCERT | photo: Milan Mošna

A silent after-party

“The freedom in which we’ve lived for the past thirty years allows us to listen to whatever we want whenever we want. However, thanks to our civilization’s technological advances we are also permanently surrounded by unwanted sounds. The aggressive bombardment of all of our senses, which our disorientated identities are now constantly subjected to, weakens their immunity. In order to counter this senseless redundancy of sounds and information, the sensitive listener has to become selective, otherwise there is the worry that the innocent sonophile will become a disturbed sonophobe. The time has come for a “silent after-party” in honour of the mature first generation of freedom, where music is not only a sonic background, but where we can try to actively participate in listening to it: to become part of creation together with composers and musicians."

The world premiere of a musical portrait of three gothic churches from the Gemer region in Slovakia

“Ladislav Mirvis Mirvald and Skupina explored uncharted sonic landscapes along the almost three-hundred-kilometre gothic route connecting Gemer and Spiš in central Slovakia, an area rich in history and nature, where some exceptional gothic churches are to be found, and transformed them into sonic compositions and structures. Sonic research was conducted into the silence of three churches in Štítnik, Dobšiná and Brdárka, during which microphones and recording equipment substituted for ears. The researchers then played the recorded silence in the same place and recorded it once more. They then repeated this process several times. Just as we can hear the beating of our own heart, the churches also heard their own silence when their unique acoustic portraits were played. A video has been added to the aural element which Mirvis made on an electron tube camera while they were recording and re-recording the silence.”

Viktor Pantůček

“Silence is sexy, like the immobility of molecules; silence is scary, like the memory of objects. There is no precise, generally accepted definition of silence, and the difference between silence and noise is based on human perception where “silence” is defined most often as the situation when the value of noise approximates the natural level of sound in the background. Sound has a neutral value and its relevant qualities are pressure, spectrum and time. Silence, therefore, can be recorded, and silence with respect to silence itself can be reproduced. Our sonic result in its final phase is the common character of silence and the space in which the silence was originally found.”

Ladislav Mirvis Mirvald, composer of the portrait

Come to the Experimental Space NoD on January 14, 2020 at 7.30 pm and learn to listen to the silence ...

To learn more?

“Even though I enjoy doing normal things, I don’t consider myself to be a particularly conventional person. Therefore, I am glad that I can welcome those of you who see the world through similar eyes. I hope that today your senses touch the very limits of human perception and – as the dramaturg of this series wrote so nicely – you hear the beat of your heart.”

Alena Miřácká — patron of the concert

Come to the NoD Experimental Space on 14 January 2020 at 7.30pm and learn to listen to silence…

Duševní vlastnictví — audio-video portraits of three evangelical churches from the landscape between the Slovak Paradise and Slovak Carst, suppoted by a video capturing their atmosphere, taken on an old black-and-white silicon camera (video & live electronics)
Reality Check (video piece with a fixed soundtrack)
Deep Relaxation vol. 5: It’s Your Body (live electronics, earplugs and sound objects)

Ladislav Mirvis Mirvald — live sound and video instalations
Matěj Sýkora, Pavel Dytrt & Zdeněk Tomášek
A few words Viktor Pantůček

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