27th season

The season’s theme: In the Footsteps of Tones

In the season 2020—2021, four meetings full of music again await children and this time, alongside Šíma and Lupi, we will play detectives! Together with the orchestra, we will follow our magical elves on the road to harmony, start the search for the missing Ludwig van Beethoven, listen to the testimonies of composers who have left their home country, and finally we will unravel the secrets of mysterious images through music. Our friend Robot Ludvík will be with us throughout the season and the popular competitions will be also there! Come to us with your children to explore yet more remarkable areas of the realm of tones and witness exciting musical adventures!

Concerts aimed at children older than 4 years. No musical background is needed.

D – four matinees begin at 10.00
E – four lunchtime concerts begin at 12.00
Length if the concert is 45 minutes without interval
In Czech language

Script, musical dramaturgy and direction: Šárka Krejčí and Zuzana Buriánová 
Acting, singing, dancing: Filip Sychra and Stela Chmelová
Costumes: Kateřina Kroupová
Visual art collaboration: Radka Josková  

Have fun listening to the opening theme song and looking at the notes.

D1/E1  Journey to the Sources

We are sorry, but due to government restrictions valid from October 12th 2020, this concert is unfortunately canceled. Streaming: 29th of November, at 10 am

In the first episode, Šíma wants to escape to a desert island. Lupi is trying to talk him out of his dangerous plan, but she fails, so she decides to secretly trace him on his journey. Join her and help Šíma find his longed-for peace! read more

D2/E2  Looking for the Birthday Boy!

We are sorry, but due to government restrictions valid from October 12th, this concert is unfortunately canceled. We will keep you updated on the new date.

Do you know anybody who has lived until the age of 250? If not, then come to Ludwig van Beethoven’s extraordinary birthday party and in this second episode you can play musical detectives with Šíma and Lupi! Where will the birthday boys’ fingertips lead you? read more

D3/E3  Express into the Unknown

Sun 14 February 2021, 10 am and 12 pm
Dvořák Hall, Rudolfinum

There are trains going to and from the station and Šíma is nowhere to be seen! Instead, Lupi in the third episode meets several composers and immediately embarks on finding out where they are travelling and why. Come together with her and decipher what the gentlemen composers carry in their musical briefcases! read more

D4/E4  Mystery of Pictures

Sat 10 April 2021, 10 am and 12 pm
Dvořák Hall, Rudolfinum

In the final part, Lupi gets lost in an art gallery. The orchestra with its colours entices her into a mysterious tale. But beware! The security guard does not like seeing visitors in the exhibition hall after closing time. Will Šíma manage to get Lupi out of her entrapment in time? read more

Do you need a help?

Just call +420 224 267 644 or email at vstupenky@pkf.cz

Subscription 2020–2021

Concerts for children – ADULT
4 concerts (17 Oct / 29 Nov / 14 Feb / 10 Apr)
1st Cat. CZK 1100 / 2nd Cat. CZK 900 / 3rd Cat. CZK 750

Concerts for children – CHILD (up to 15 years)
4 concerts (17 Oct / 29 nov / 14 Feb / 10 Apr)
1st Cat. CZK 800 / 2nd Cat. CZK 700 / 3rd Cat. CZK 550

PKF – Prague Philharmonia is a pioneer of educational programmes and concerts for children in the Czech Republic. Again we have paid great attention to make sure the programmes are compatible with the young concert goers’ age and ways of communication, so that the events captivate even the most fidgety.

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