25th anniversary season

2018–2019 Vocations make music

In the 2018 – 2019 season in each of the four meetings with Šíma and Lupi we shall act out various professions. The environments linked to these professions will allow children to immerse themselves into various areas of music. For a big feast we shall spice up the food with colour and sound, at the Olympics we’ll workout with melody, at a market we’ll generate rhythm and tempo and finally we shall build a city on solid foundations of musical forms. Come to us and together we shall stimulate your children’s imagination and meet music in unexpected contexts!

Concerts aimed at children older than 3 years. No musical background is needed.

D – 4 matinee begin at 10.00
E – 4 lunchtime concerts begin at 12.00
Length if the concert is 45 minut without interval
In Czech language

Script, musical dramaturgy and direction: Veronika Poldauf Riedlbauchová and Šárka Krejčí
Acting, singing, dancing: Filip Sychra and Stela Chmelová
Costumes and setting: Kateřina Kroupová

Have fun listening to the opening theme song and looking at the notes.

Do you need a help?

Just call +420 224 267 644 or email at vstupenky@pkf.cz

Subscription 2018–2019

Concerts for children – ADULT
4 concerts (27 Oct / 8 Dec / 2 March / 27 April)
1st Cat. CZK 1100 / 2nd Cat. CZK 900 / 3rd Cat. CZK 750

Concerts for children – CHILD (up to 15 years)
4 concerts (27 Oct / 8 Dec / 2 March / 27 April)
1st Cat. CZK 800 / 2nd Cat. CZK 700 / 3rd Cat. CZK 550

PKF – Prague Philharmonia is a pioneer of educational programmes and concerts for children in the Czech Republic. Again we have paid great attention to make sure the programmes are compatible with the young concert goers’ age and ways of communication, so that the events captivate even the most fidgety.

Vocations make music

Hey Hoopla, Yippee Yippee!
What are they up to? Šíma and Lupi?
Enjoy! In each session
You’ll meet many a profession!

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