25th anniversary season

Concerts for Schools

(aimed at preschool and primary school children)

Concerts for children with the elves Šíma and Lupi will go from Rudolfinum also to the Kulturní Dům Ládví to reach the very young school children! They will meet the elves in a cosier atmosphere that will enable even stronger interaction for children audiences. As a bonus, children will get printed programmes loaded with songs, pictures to colour, and quizzes.

Maximum audience capacity: 250 persons
English version of the concerts is available by order
Venue: Kulturní dům Ládví, Burešova 1661/2, Prague 8

Ticket price (Czech version): CZK 100
Ticket price (English version): CZK 200
Accompanying teachers free

Ticket reservation and more information
Martina Fabianová, Phone +420 224 267 644

The theme of the 2019–2020 concerts revealed!

In the series On the Strings of Fantasy – the umbrella title of the next four episodes – children can again look forward to meeting the elves Šíma and Lupi and listen to their stories. This time, they will find themselves in a dream, a fairy tale, travel into space, and with a time machine go back in time. In these fantasy worlds, they will get to know colourful instrumental combinations, changing musical atmospheres and various other musical elements. In the last session of the series, they will learn about the changes orchestras have gone through from the Baroque era to this day.

With Music into a Dream

Thursday 24 and Friday 25 October 2019, 9.30 and 11 am

In the first episode Šíma falls into a spell of dreams full of colourful instrumental combinations. He becomes a conductor, is haunted by a nightmare (a moth) and meets dreamy Lupi. Will Lupi eventually manage to wake up Šíma?

With Music into a Fairy Tale

Thursday 5 and Friday 6 December 2019, 9.30 and 11 am

What happens when Lupi and Šíma get too immersed in storybooks? In the second episode, the changes in the musical atmosphere will enable you to experience an exciting story full of suspense and witty plots in the company of a beautiful Melusine, cygnets and an enchanted frog.  

With Music into Space

Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 March 2020, 9.30 and 11 am

In the third episode, Lupi has a strong desire to get to space. Šíma, the enthusiastic inventor, will try to build a rocket with the help of various musical means. Before he succeeds, he invents everything possible. What do you think? Will Šíma and Lupi eventually land on the Moon?  

With Music across the Time

Thursday 23 and Friday 24 April 2020, 9.30 and 11 am

Have you ever dreamt of a journey back in time? Welcome to a time machine! In the final episode, Šíma and Lupi will transfer you to various historical periods; you will meet interesting musical figures and see how orchestras have been changing from Baroque until today!

Ticket reservation and more information
Martina Fabianová, Phone +420 224 267 644

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