27th season

PKF Orchestral Academy – adventurous, demanding, for life!

The PKF – Prague Philharmonia Orchestral Academy was established in 2008 as the very first project of its kind in the Czech Republic. Each year the orchestra welcomes in to its family 12 to 14 young, talented musicians. The PKF helps these players by giving them valuable orchestral experience and enthusiastically laying out the basic philosophy of the PKF: precision, a sense of teamwork and detail, artistic modesty, friendship and respect.

Members of the Orchestral Academy are immediately involved in the PKF's artistic projects. They perform in concerts both in the Czech Republic and abroad, they have the opportunity to appear in the PKF's chamber series and participate in recording projects.

In 2009, some Orchestral Academy members participated in the unique YouTube Symphony Orchestra project, while two of them, Jakub Fišer and Ondřej Martinovský, performed alongside 90 other chosen musicians from around the world under the conductor Michael Tilson Thomas at New York's Carnegie Hall.

Accept our challenge and become a member of the PKF Orchestral Academy! For more about the studies, read below. We look forward to seeing you!

Who the project is designed for

For students from secondary and higher music schools and graduates with their school-leaving certificate, or graduates aged 18-30 from secondary or university level from the Czech Republic, EU countries and other countries. Having the artistic ability to play for the PKF – Prague Philharmonia or a similar orchestra is the basis for a successful audition.

Project organizer

The Orchestral Academy is organized by the PKF – Prague Philharmonia.  


Jan Fišer – violin, Stanislav Svoboda – viola, Lukáš Pospíšil – violoncello, Pavel Klečka – double bass, Jiří Ševčík – flute, Jan Souček – oboe, Jindřich Pavliš – clarinet, Václav Fürbach – bassoon, Zdeněk Vašina – French horn, Svatopluk Zaal – trumpet, Stanislav Penk – trombone, Ivan Hoznedr  percussion

Members of the 2019–2020  Orchestral Academy

Michael Foršt — violin, Alena Kubátová — violin, Anna Masojídková — violin, Michaela Pondělíčková — violin, Eri Shimizu — viola, Vilém Petras — violoncello, Jakub Amcha — double bass, Barbora Haasová — flute, Magdaléna Klárová — oboe, Tereza Tourková — oboe, Matouš Kopáček — clarinet, Adam Plšek — bassoon, Kryštof Koska — horn, Josef Pluhař — trumpet, Veronika Lédlová — trombone, Blanka Šindelářová — percussion

Scholarships and other benefits


Students do not pay for their membership of the PKF – Prague Philharmonia Orchestral Academy, the PKF – Prague Philharmonia pays their tuition fees and grants scholarships. In the 2019-2020 season, the scholarship for one student totals CZK 40,000 / 10 months (divided into monthly payments). The PKF – Prague Philharmonia is entitled to change the scholarship amount in serious cases. Payment of the scholarship is conditioned on the student’s active participation in the training course and abiding by the PKF – Prague Philharmonia terms.

Other benefits
The PKF – Prague Philharmonia may offer students the opportunity to take part in studio recordings, in the case of which the student is entitled to a fee.  A member of the Orchestral Academy is also paid a fee when participating in other PKF – Prague Philharmonia projects (e.g. concerts within subscription cycles K or S). Beyond the framework of compulsory orchestral practice and provided that the artistic standard is met, a member of the Orchestral Academy may also be offered the opportunity to work with the PKF – Prague Philharmonia as a temporary player.

The PKF – Prague Philharmonia does not provide students of the Orchestral Academy with accommodation in Prague, neither does it cover any accommodation-related costs and costs for individual travel to the PKF – Prague Philharmonia residence. Nor does membership of the Orchestral Academy include the right to free entry to PKF – Prague Philharmonia premises, provision of a concert outfit or financial compensation for using the student’s own clothes, provision of an instrument or parts thereof owned by the PKF – Prague Philharmonia (or the PKF – Prague Philharmonia Foundation) or financial compensation for using one’s own instrument.

Admission terms

Musicians from the Czech Republic, other EU member states and non-EU countries who by 1 September in the year of the training course’s commencement have reached the age of 18 and have not exceeded the age of 30 and have completed their music education with a leaving examination or graduation from a secondary school or university in the Czech Republic or abroad. The PKF – Prague Philharmonia does not arrange residence and other formalities relating to the artist’s participation in the training.

Candidates have the possibility to study at the PKF – Prague Philharmonia Orchestral Academy and be awarded an annual grant based on an audition announced by the PKF – Prague Philharmonia. The PKF decides who is chosen for the Orchestral Academy. The PKF is not obliged to fill the post which the audition was held for, or realize the OA project. 

The PKF - Prague Philharmonia will give information for next year's auditions on its website and on Facebook. There is no form for applying for an audition to the Orchestral Academy. If you are interested in an audition for the OA 2019–2020, send your professional CV by email to maloveska@pkf.cz (Lucie Maloveská)

Educational programme
For the duration of the course, the students will undergo a comprehensive educational programme, which includes 2 x 45-minute monthly individual lessons under the guidance of the concert masters and leading players from the PKF - Prague Philharmonic. At the same time, players will acquire orchestral practice in the form of participation in PKF - Prague Philharmonia projects at home and abroad, at chamber and contemporary concerts, participating in recording projects and many other activities such as seminars with soloists, conductors and other internationally acclaimed guest artists.

End of membership
The course may be terminated on the side of the PKF if the student shows a lack of interest, or if it appears that the student is not fulfilling the PKF's criteria. If the candidate completes the OAPKF course, and if there is a free place for that instrument the following season, they may apply for another interview (you can graduate a maximum of three times from the OA). The upper age limit is also a restriction for entry into the Academy.

PKF Orchestral Academy Administrator
Lucie Maloveská
Phone +420 222 221 088

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